Naughty Clock Screensaver

Naughty Clock Screensaver 1

Let a series of naughty cartoon characters tell you the time


  • Cute and colourful graphics
  • Lively clock animations


  • No pictures of Pamela Anderson watering the plants in her undies

Not bad

When I first heard about Naughty Clock Screesaver I was rather expecting something a little different to what I got. Instead of the bevy of sordid images I was hoping for, I was presented with a series of animated clock faces featuring forlorn teddy bears and winking babies.

Having recovered from this initial shock, I came to realise that this is probably quite a nice screensaver if you're seven years old.

The cartoons are colourful and beautifully drawn, and the hands of the clock are animated in a fun and original way.

You can even add a soundtrack of MP3s to accompany the ticking clocks, with the option to create your own playlists. This trial version is spoiled somewhat by the fact that registration reminders pop up whenever you enter the configuration menu and, more annoyingly, block the view of the screensaver itself from time to time.

If you're a young child or if you have a young child then this cutesy screensaver represents a great way of having fun while learning how to tell the time.

Naughty Clock Screensaver is a very cute and funny cartoon screensaver. In this screensaver, there are a total of five naughty 2D characters that can animate whenever the time changes.

Naughty Clock Screensaver


Naughty Clock Screensaver 1

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